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Mjne World is a sole black female owned enterprise group mandated to bring change, add its margined part in the South African economy. The owner’s personal life experiences drove the scrutiny to understanding the national economic gaps that remain unfilled. There is a multitude of business development and startup business support that is lacking in South Africa. We are thriving to gasp a potion in this gap thus bring a differentiator approach in gaining an exponential growth in our operation fields and aid other entrepreneurs that grovel to meet required standards of innovation to mvp’s and operations.

Our history of struggle to obtain required assistance in business development and practical training awakened an attitude of being a game changer in this critical economic world. We believe that South Africa has greater changes of growth and development in creating successful smme’s and sound entrepreneurship growth models.

We are driven by creation of wealth for us, good future business for our brand and escalated sales in the next few years of operation. Disadvantaged South Africans specifically from rural areas will benefit full business development opportunities that will come along the growth of Mjne World.

We form strategic partnerships with identified various institutions with common interest. Mjne World will also create a different culture for selected professionals representing our brand, to allow talent, experiences and creativity to meet the market expected benefits of a successful business.